For some, the initial diagnosis of uterine fibroids feels like the sky is falling. For women who may have suspected a more life-threatening condition, it could be a relief, while for those who have a family history of fibroids, it may be taken as more matter-of-fact. In any case, adjusting the mindset following the initial reaction to the diagnosis makes a great difference in quality of life.

When each day feels like a sentence rather than an opportunity; when the tunnel feels so long that the light at the end is barely a dot, it’s time to MAKE LIFE HAPPEN.

The first order of business is to make sure the medical side of treatment is covered. Are you on the right medication(s)? Are you following doctor’s advice and getting to follow-up visits? (Please nod your head here.) Good!

Life can begin anew each morning, fibroid(s) or not. Buckle up and let’s go!

Starting one step ahead

Spending between fifteen minutes and a half hour of each evening preparing clothing and food for the following day gives an uplifting boost the minute you open your eyes in the morning. As for breakfasts and lunches, plans abound for healthful once-a-week or even once-a-month meal prep, making pre-planning goals even easier.

Eye-opening gratitude

Training our brains to think positively, especially when feeling physically lousy, is a challenge, but this challenge is surmoutable. Hardwiring a new habit takes an average of only sixty-six days. Just one positive thought each morning, be it as simple as appreciating a soothing breeze coming through the window or marking something as significant as a recent raise in salary. For the more put-together among us, a written or digital gratitude journal might be an option, but even the simple act of verbalizing that one sentence of positivity on a regular basis can do the trick. Turning our thoughts in a positive direction has a tendency to keep thoughts further on track in a positive direction.

Taking the meds and vitamins

Due to the heavy bleeding that can appear as a symptom of uterine fibroids, many women lack iron. Chronic pain, another potential symptom of fibroids, can mean taking painkillers when necessary and prescribed. Additionally, recent pharmaceuticals have arrived on the market to treat the fibroids themselves. Whatever decision you and your doctor have reached, make sure to stick to it. Many prescriptions need to be taken first thing in the morning or first thing after breakfast. Delaying this step of the day might mean it gets inadvertently forgotten, leading into a cycle of feeling less and less able to function. So avoid that, and instead feel more functional and better-abled from day to day.

If you feel that your medications and supplements need adjusting, consult your doctor and adjust wisely instead of leaving the entire program by the wayside.

Did you know you can give yourself an energy boost in minimal time without breaking a sweat? That’s what some basic stretching can do. The many benefits of stretching include the lessening and prevention of pain as well as an increase in energy, meaning at least some of the more depressing symptoms of fibroids can be somewhat minimized. Additionally, stretches can help beat the stress that builds up due to trying to figure out how to handle both working and having a positive personal life while at the same time managing the symptoms of fibroids.

That little pick-me-up

Way back when, a sticker earned from a smiling teacher could make a kid’s day, right? We’re all human and wanting to be prized and pampered is perfectly normal. What makes your heart do a tiny jump for joy? A dab of favorite perfume, seeing a gorgeous plant at your bedside, taking a quick neck massage? Investing even that little bit into your own happiness is the perfect morning boost. You’re worth it!

Living successfully
Life isn’t about just making it through. Even with fibroids, like can and should be happy and productive. If you’re experiencing heavy bleeding, it could be that any Olympic goals should be temporarily exchanged for something a little more low-impact, but that doesn’t mean that meaningful goals and accomplishments can’t be set and achieved.

Most positions of employment can carry right through with fibroids, even if minor changes are in order. More and more people are working from home these days anyhow, so it just requires an honest discussion with the boss and some creative thinking.

Hobbies, social events and even most sporting activities can and should be continued. The normalcy of routine is a boost to both mental and physical health, with incredible potential to keep you smiling.

Sending hearty best wishes to you for flexibility, creativity, accomplishment, a load of smiles and incredible success at living your best life!