A month ago, we were all fired up to start the New Year out right. In the realm of  health, career goals, relationships, something else or all of the above, January 1 was the day it was all going to change.

Women suffering through uterine fibroids have every much the right to hope, dream and plan as anyone else, but with symptoms including heavy bleeding, bloating, frequent urination, constipation, chronic pain and potential fertility worries, making resolutions might feel like a dream and keeping them can feel like climbing a skyscraper. Still, skyscraper climbing is possible – and even fun – with the right tools.

Set realistic, measurable goals

This doesn’t in any way suggest that true dreams can’t be something to strive for, but the energy boost provided by hitting smaller, attainable goals while still working for the greater goal will inspire forward movement. Making a complete career switch can sound daunting, but when broken down to practical steps, formidable goals become far more attainable. Using the career model as an example, this step would happen as follows:

  1. Choose new field
  2. Retraining – choose a retraining program, fit it into schedule, work out financing
  3. Complete training
  4. Rewrite cv
  5. Jobhunt
  6. Enter new career!

Just parallel this approach, adapting it to suit your own goals. It works!

Form community and partnerships

Receiving and providing tips and encouragement as a member of a community of those similarly-challenged provides a listening ear, sympathy, advice and a shoulder to cry on. Women who have “Been-There-Done-That” get it. We have a Facebook page toward just this goal.

In addition to online pages and groups, supportive get-togethers are sometimes run in-person through clinics, community centers and places of worship. We’ve reached an era where the high level of readily available transportation and communication means that nobody needs to feel alone through a chronic medical issue.

Accentuate the positive

Sometimes just getting out of bed in the morning, showering regularly and eating square meals is a huge accomplishment, especially when menstruation time hits. “Had a good day,” is a beautiful statement of positivity and worth appreciating. Even if every item on the to-do list isn’t ticked off, some entries have been done, and that’s an accomplishment.

Taking a few minutes each day to bask in sunlight, gaze at nature’s beauty, appreciate family and pets, speak with a friend or neighbor or make entries into a gratitude journal  add just that little bit of pick-you-up bounce into a day that may have been otherwise heading downhill.

Reward yourself

Why not? You deserve it, in whichever form works for you. Some quiet reading time, a bubble bath, time out with friends, quality chocolate… It doesn’t need to be expensive. Seriously speaking, star stickers aren’t just for kindergarteners. Even the middle-aged among us still smile from a simile. Well done! Rewards aren’t just fun, they’re good for us.

One additional resolution to keep in mind and aim toward is increasing personal knowledge toward improving your life with fibroids. This includes periodic (no, NOT obsessive) research through a few reliable sites to check the newest tips, hacks and treatment options, as well as networking to make sure you’re set up with medical professionals with whom you feel confident and comfortable.

Once this year’s skyscrapers have been climbed, next year, plan to shoot for the stars!