Healthy ways to pamper yourself during PMS and your period


Ugh, blah, blech. It’s that week of the month when you wish you could disappear off the face of the planet and not have to interact with anyone… including yourself. Getting your period is no fun – especially if you have to deal with heavy bleeding and manage lots of pain. Make yourself feel a little better by giving yourself a treat. But not a calorie-and-fat-laden treat which you’ll come to regret later. These eight treats are great for your body and spirit.

Get a facial

It’s hard to feel beautiful when you’re in pain and bloated. Go treat yourself to a facial or another beauty treatment. Added facial benefit: if your hormones wreak havoc with your skin, a facial can be great at giving you back an acne-free face.

No funds for a facial from an expert? You can still have a fulfilling, budget conscious facial experience in the comfort of your own home using food that just might be sitting around your kitchen.

Take a warm bath

Ah, warm water! In addition to being relaxing, the warm water may help soothe your cramps. Think about it: if putting a hot water bottle on your stomach helps, then putting your stomach inside a hot water bottle has got to be even better!

If your flow is heavy, shower off for a few minutes first.

Try using some essential oils or herbs in the bath water for a double-cramp-reducing effect. (Check the ones mentioned above under “Tea,” but as before, double check with a medical professional if you might have a condition that could cause negative side effects.)

Get enough sleep

There’s so much to do! And sleep so often is the thing we compromise on. Give yourself a gift during your period and turn in early. Your body will thank you in so many ways.

Get out into the fresh air

Just being out of the house and in the fresh air and sunlight can improve your mood tremendously. The more aware you are of everything you’re taking in with your senses – the sights, the sounds, the smells – the more enhancing an experience it will be.

Did you try one?

How did it feel?

Don’t just make it a one-time event. These ways to pamper yourself can brighten up your life anytime, whether it’s your period or not. The best part? Each one of them not only feels great, but also enhances your physical and emotional health, adding to your ability to deal with life and accomplish your goals.

If PMS symptoms, period paid or heavy bleeding persists beyond what you consider “normal”, do visit your gynecologist to figure out potential causes and how you can best manage!