How to enjoy Valentine’s Day – with fibroids as a third wheel on your date


For weeks, storefront displays have featured displays of red, pink and white hearts. Romance! Flowers! A day dedicated to love! But for women managing the symptoms of uterine fibroids, that sentiment might not be accurate. Still, there’s no need to give up! You, too, can have a lovely and loving, romantic Valentine’s Day.

If bloating, pain and frequent trips to the bathroom mean that the notion of going out to a fancy restaurant just induces anxiety attacks, it’s time to get more creative. Try one, a combination or all these suggestions to make this Valentine’s Day special for you and your honey.

Dinner for Two
Enjoy your fancy night out. Just skip the “out” part and bring that fancy dinner home, with all the trimmings. This requires advanced planning – candles, nice dishes, mood music – and if your energy is sapped, ditch cooking and arrange for take-out. No, not the cheap stuff you grab on the run. Do some research and buy real, quality, delicious food that you would expect to find at a nice restaurant and voila! You have your romantic evening, right next to your very own bathroom, your very own couch and you don’t have to look around for parking. Win!

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where a masseuse (or two!) can arrive to your home, perfect! If not, get some recommendations from trusted friends. You’ll be looking for someone understanding, patient and flexible who understands that you may need to change position or even get up in the middle of the massage. So goes it, that’s your reality at the moment. Aside from making you feel physically great, massage can boost emotional health as well. The frustration, depression and stress that build up when you’re battling symptoms of fibroids can be eased through massage, setting a beautiful stage for your romantic evening.

Here’s one option that won’t work well for city-dwellers, unless you’re up to trekking out to the countryside. Still, it’s being included because after all, we aren’t all city slickers, right? There is something magical up in the night sky. What’s more, if you’re feeling self-conscious about your looks, stargazing has the advantage that you’re both looking upward while sharing your experience verbally. To enhance the experience, dress it up with music, a luxurious snack, comfy blankets and a stargazing app (These are so cool!) to get some explanation about what’s up there.

Game night
No, not Monopoly and checkers. Many games have come out to enhance communication and bring sweethearts closer together. Have a look-through and choose what might be the most suited to the two of you: Fog of Love, Joking Hazard, Adult Loaded Questions or any of the dozens of options on the market. Some are even available in a variety of languages, so search out what’s being sold in your country. Even better, get a group of friends together, with each couple purchasing a different game, then pass them around and make game night an additional spark to your relationship.

The key to enjoying yourself on Valentine’s Day or in fact, every day is to realize and respect your limitations while incorporating flexibility into your planning. Hoping you feel better and wishing you and your love a truly happy Valentine’s Day!