Fashion with uterine fibroids – Don’t let fibroids affect your wardrobe confidence. A top stylist shows you how…

Dressing for daily life when suffering from uterine fibroids can be a daunting task. Heavy menstrual bleeding, pain and an enlarged abdomen can make putting together even the simplest outfit seems like an uphill struggle. And that’s before you consider the extreme lack of confidence many women suffer too.

Many wonder what the point is in looking good for work or for special occasion when they might bleed through their sanitary protection or strain the lower buttons on a pretty blouse. Pulling on a pair of sweat pants or loose leggings and a comfy top seems like a far better option, right?

Wrong!, says top stylist Suzanne Bernie from Coathanger, who believes hiding yourself away isn’t the answer. “If you shy away from the world, you’ll only feel worse,” according to Suzanne. “Women suffering with fibroids can still look and feel fabulous if they follow a few simple fashion rules. No more refusing invitations because you’ve got nothing to wear!”

Suzanne believes that buying outfits for everyday life or for a special occasion can still be fun. “It’s all about relaxing,” she says. “Don’t rush your shopping – give yourself a two-hour time slot so you can have fun without being stressed out. And don’t get fed up if the first three garments you try aren’t right, there’s definitely something out there that you will look good and feel comfortable in.”

Perseverance is the name of the game when it comes to shopping then!

When it comes to choosing and wearing clothes, there is an array of tricks and tips that women can use to disguise bloating, draw attention away from ‘problem’ areas and increase confidence. “Women suffering from uterine fibroids want to feel comfortable and secure but they want to feel stylish too,” says Suzanne. “The main thing to consider is the layered look – it can disguise bloated tummies as well as any mishaps that could occur with sanitary protection.

“Scarves are great for disguising tummy bloating too, as are dresses with a draped front skirt and cardigans with busy designs.

Suzanne’s top tip for detracting attention away from problem areas is to go for colour. “Colourful clothes will immediately make you feel more eye-catching and confident too,” she says.

Another of Suzanne’s tips for drawing attention away for taking the eye away from your tummy is to show a little shoulder. “A little one-shouldered dress or off-the-shoulder jumper for example would be perfect for an evening event or special occasion,” she adds. “For those occasions where you want to look more glamorous, consider an eye catching statement necklace to draw attention away from the stomach and towards other areas.”

With heavy bleeding to consider, most women suffering with uterine fibroids understandably prefer to wear trousers. “Look for a lightweight fabric pair of trousers and wear them with a draped top,” advises Suzanne “and go for boyfriend jeans for maximum comfort and coolness.

“Always go for soft, pure fabrics and give yourself a more streamlined look by wearing a blazer with a skirt.”

Last but no means least in Suzanne’s tips for top to toe fashion confidence is shoes. “It’s important for shoes to be comfortable and to feel sexy – wedges are easiest to walk in if you want comfort and height,” she says.

Above all, says Suzanne, it’s important to experiment with new colours and styles. Trying costs nothing and will make you feel an over whelming sense of confidence and sex appeal.

Don’t forget that dressing in a way that makes you feel happy about yourself will change the way you see the world around you. And if you need a little more help visit or email [email protected] and help is at hand!