Being social through fibroids AND cold weather


Well, winter has been underway for a while, now. While cooler weather and snow activities are the stuff many dream of, for some women suffering from the symptoms of uterine fibroids, the cold can exacerbate chronic pain to the point of forcing them into being nearly housebound. While it may be “easier” to remain close to home insofar as managing heavy bleeding is concerned, a healthy balance must be found, as social interaction is a vital factor toward good mental health.

What’s a woman to do when faced with what potentially appears to be a lose-lose situation? Do what women have done for millennia… get creative. Choose one or any combination of the suggestions below, or using them as food for thought (a buffet, as it were) add your own ideas into our comment section below.

If heat is what you need, so take it with you. Today numerous products exist on the market, aside from that trusty old hot water bottle, ready to accommodate a variety of low-key adventures. From plug-in heating pads to single-use heating patches, reusable gel packs and even heating belts, a wealth of options exists. Figure out what works for you and stock up. While you may not be up to extreme sports (or any sports for that matter) keeping the “keep warm” box ticked does expand the list of options for sociability.

If it’s not only the cold, but also heavy bleeding that is getting you down — and for a certain percentage of women, even the best laid management plans are still not good enough — there is still hope.


If the budget allows, why not buy delivered, ready-to-eat food. While not available in all areas, making life easier is a growing trend and calling in for a meal is becoming an option in more and more places. And for families experiencing health issues, this service can be a real life saver.

Pot Luck

While the pot-luck tradition was never particularly established in Great Britain and Europe, why not start a new tradition? Invite some friends over and as far as food is concerned, have everyone bring a dish. To further avoid headache and strain, have your own contribution be the (environmentally friendly) single use dishes.

Go Food-Free

Believe it or not, food is not a mandatory element of every get-together. Game night with popcorn? Favorite music and hot cocoa? Cozy and fun is just fine. The important part is seeing friends and family and enjoying time together.

Spa Night

There’s something very special in having a spa night with the girls.  Invite over a few friends and follow our tips to make this a great evening that gives a marvelous feminine boost.


If lack of motivation is getting in your way, maybe try yoga with friends. Put some comfy mats on the floor, find a YouTube on your own level and give yoga a try. Aside from fun with the gang, this event has the added bonus of perhaps even helping deal with the chronic pain you may be experiencing as a symptom of uterine fibroids.

Location, activities and all the bells and whistles are the extras here. The only mandatory activity involved is to interact with and enjoy the company of others. Mental health is a tough enough issue when dealing with chronic health issues such as uterine fibroids. Friends are the light of our world and healthy or not, we all need somebody to lean on.

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