How can untreated UF impact my health?


If you suspect you might have UF or have received a diagnosis, it may be tempting to ignore them and hope they go away on their own. However, if left untreated, fibroids will continue to grow in size and number which can intensify existing symptoms and lead to more severe symptoms that you may not have experienced in the beginning. The sooner you start treatment for your fibroids, the better you will feel in the long run.

One symptom of untreated fibroids is cramping and intense lower back and abdomen pain before, during and after your period. If you have already experienced these symptoms, there is a good likelihood that the pain will get worse if left untreated. If you have not yet experienced symptoms like cramping, unfortunately if left untreated, your UF will likely reach the point that you do.

Another common symptom, heavy bleeding, can get worse to the point that you become iron deficient, even to the point of dangerous anemia. Iron is an essential mineral that our bodies must have in order to produce the hemoglobin that helps red blood cells distribute oxygen throughout the body. When blood is lost quicker than the body produces new red blood cells, it can lead to a deficit of hemoglobin.

This can create a whole new host of symptoms like intense fatigue, headaches and even fertility loss. If your body cannot absorb nutrients properly, you will likely face issues with carrying a healthy baby to term. You need double the nutrients to support a baby and being anemic prevents you from doing so.

The growing fibroids can also lead to things like uncomfortable bloating and a swollen stomach. As fibroids grow they can also begin to push on your bladder, causing you to experience a frequent need to urinate. If left untreated long enough, fibroids can also lead to pain during sex.

Not only will the physical symptoms of UF get worse with time, but they can take a serious toll on your relationships. When you spend so much time in pain and battling discomfort, your mood can change and experiencing anxiety and depression is not an uncommon outcome. Rather than living your life, you might find yourself stuck at home unable to find the energy to do much of anything.

While all of this may sound scary, remember that these are the consequences of untreated UF. The sooner you start treatment, the sooner you will start to feel better. You don’t have to and should not wait until your fibroids become unbearable to start taking control.

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